What are the Benefits of Osteopathy?

Osteopaths aim to not only help our patients with the management of the symptoms you present to us with, but we also look to get to the root cause of why our patients experience these symptoms.

We look to reduce the severity and frequency of pain you experience, and wherever possible, we aim to reduce or eliminate pain altogether, dependant on the root cause of it.

We will look to address your range of motion, be that hyper or hypo mobility.

We look to balance your structure and function, because as Osteopaths, we see a relationship between both, recognizing that one will affect the other.

We will look to decrease muscular tension, which can aid in a variety of symptoms including pain, headaches and relaxation.

We offer lifestyle and rehabilitation advice and exercise prescription. Your treatment plan is exactly that, YOURS. It is individually tailored to you, taking into account the information you provided at both the initial consultation and on-going.

We look to empower our patients, working together with you so that your journey isn’t just what takes place in the treatment room, but by where you take a key role in promoting your own health and wellbeing.

We look to help increase your quality of life, wherever possible. We understand that there are a lot of factors that are a part of your life, and not all things are in your control, but we will offer advice wherever possible, and if there is something that is outside our area of expertise, we will look to refer on, be that your health or wellbeing.

Another key benefit of Osteopathy, is the length of your appointment. In this day and age, the average visit to your GP is between 7 and 10 minutes. A Registered Osteopath is also a Primary Health Care Practitioner. At your first appointment, you will go through a full case history with your Osteopath, so that he or she can not only understand the symptoms that you have presented to the clinic with, but also understand your medical and familial history, learn more about your lifestyle and general health, so that they can better understand you in a holistic sense. This initial appointment will usually take approximately one hour for this reason. Your follow up appointments will usually take approximately 30 minutes.

Therefore, as you can see, there are many benefits to Osteopathy. Why not book your appointment today, and see if Osteopathy could be beneficial for you.


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